Sales & Marketing Strategy


Optimizing Sales and Marketing with Revenue Optimization

Cheshire Impact’s Revenue Optimization program provides a clear and complete strategy to help you understand the best sales and marketing process for your business using Pardot and Salesforce. Our strategists and consultants help you align and optimize your entire lead-to-revenue process, from generation to sale. Improving the efficiency in this cycle maximizes your revenue stream.

A Proven Program for Revenue Optimization

Our Revenue Optimization Program involves analyzing how you currently generate, capture and nurture your leads on the way to a sale — or multiple sales. The goal of this exercise is to grow your revenue. While every company begins this process from a different place, all manage to improve their sales numbers and revenue.

By the end of this program, your company will have implemented robust technology solutions and come away with a collaborative marketing and sales strategy. We first tear down disjointed departmental barriers and then align your marketing and sales activities, processes and technology into a fluid lead-to-revenue process that affects every step of your buyer’s journey.

Transformative and Holistic Goals

To deliver on the mission to identify and solve your issues, we provide a holistic strategy before diving into particular tools for execution.

Salesforce and Pardot implementation, migration and ongoing support may be part of the equation, but the ultimate goals of the process include:

Strategic Planning and Ongoing Improvement

After undergoing an extensive discovery process, you learn how your current practices match up against best practices.
To make more confident lead-to-revenue decisions, you must be able to:

  • Identify quick areas of marketing improvement
  • Improve ongoing process efficiencies
  • Use proven practices and expertise

Tactical Execution

By aligning your strategy with technology, you implement marketing automation to take advantage of your most significant opportunities. Also, with support, your plans continue to improve through strategic-level scenario planning and ongoing strategy sessions.

Actionable Reporting & Benchmarking

When you align your marketing and sales teams to enable your revenue optimization, you create an ever-improving spiral of growth. To accomplish this lofty but possible goal, you need more precise reporting and benchmarking to measure your successes and track your challenges.

Four Phases of the Revenue Optimization Program

Our lead-to-revenue optimization program involves a four-phase approach:


A holistic discovery and assessment process uncovers your existing sales and marketing practices by interviewing your staff and by collecting critical data. After a full assessment of your entire lead-to-revenue journey, you receive a full report of the findings including the gaps, strengths and weaknesses of your current processes. This report reveals your baseline benchmarks.


Based on the results of the Analyze phase, your strategist begins to design a new workflow for your business. This new design is reviewed with your team, ensuring it matches with your goals before we move to the Execution phase.


Now it's time to put things into action. Your approved Lead to Revenue design is built out in Pardot and Salesforce by our team of expert technologists and the guidance of your strategist along the way, ensuring perfection.


Your new, working processes will need continual monitoring and optimization. We meet with your team each quarter to discuss your company's marketing goals, challenges and plans. You review the success of your refined revenue optimization flow and look for opportunities to improve it.

Revenue Optimization works smoothly when a Managed Services engagement is included so that we can be working on identifying areas of improvement and refinement within both your Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot platforms. Managed Services in conjunction with the Revenue Optimization program adds the expertise and guidance to ensure your systems are prepared for the changes to your Lead-to-Revenue design.

Revenue Optimization Phase-by-Phase Deliverables

By the end of this program, you have transformed your sales and marketing teams, processes and tools into a leaner, more profitable venture. You can use the process or the written reports and recommendations to keep reinforcing the elements that work and keep modifying the elements that need improving.

Below is a summary of deliverables from all four phases of the Revenue Optimization Program by Cheshire Impact: