Pardot Services


Gain the most from your Pardot Marketing Automation investment

Experience worry-free Pardot Implementation, Administration and Migration services by drawing on the expertise, knowledge, and abilities of  our team of Pardot Experts. From elite Implementation programs to superior customer support, we help you maximize the potential of your marketing automation investment.

Software is only as good as the way your organization uses it. If it’s difficult to learn, your team may resist. If it takes too much time, it may languish untouched. If you’ve invested in marketing automation, you want a positive return on that investment.

Why Choose Cheshire Impact?

Cheshire Impact is the most recommended implementation team for organizations from SMB to Fortune 50 enterprise. Not only is Cheshire Impact a Preferred Implementation Partner, but every member of the team has a deep understanding of the platform, as they’ve been through Pardot implementations as sales and marketing end users in previous positions.

Pardot Implementations: The Pardot consultants at Cheshire Impact provide three levels of implementation assistance

Quick Start Self-Guided Implementation.

When your tight budget or existing technical expertise preclude a lot of help, the Pardot Quick Start program has proven itself useful. Our Quick Start Implementation includes a combination of video and webinar training with phone support. This self-guided implementation is perfect for those organizations experienced with marketing automation.

Instructor-Led, Hands-On Implementation.

The most popular Implementation package, the Hands-On, is focused on product training scheduled at regular intervals. Your team also benefits from a sales training session, a strategic workshop on nurturing and landing page and email template design support.

All-In Strategic Consulting and Testing Implementation.

To get the most out of your Pardot investment, choose the All-In Implementation program. It features intensive strategic workshops, coupled with focused product training. Your team also receives dedicated support from our creative team that will build beautifully designed branded email and landing page templates specifically for your business.

Ongoing Pardot Administration Services

When you need Pardot support, what you need is a dedicated partner that understands your business and gets you where you want to go. Being able to get the most out your marketing software is a formula for success that drives revenue growth.

And when you outsource Pardot administration, you free up your internal resources which:

  • Lowers your up-front and long-term costs
  • Eliminates the need for Pardot training and coverage
  • Relieves the burden on your HR department
  • Provides you with a team of resources with decades of experience

And that’s where we come in. If you need experienced, Certified Pardot Professionals to run your marketing automation software, our dedicated administration team becomes a virtual extension of your team. They work with you to continually run and improve your digital marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation Migration

Moving to Pardot from another platform? Just because you want to start fresh with Pardot doesn’t mean you have to leave your history in the past. When you’re coming from other Marketing Automation Platforms like Marketo, Hubspot or Eloqua, you need an experienced team to guide you through the process.

Every marketing automation migration is unique because no company or system is the same. When you know where you’ve been, you can better determine where you need to go. Our Migration Process is broken down into two components:

  1. Scoping Service: Custom scoping and planning for the migration
  2. Migration Execution: Performing custom migration to Pardot

Scoping and Planning for Migration Service

Before you get started, you will meet with one of our Migration Experts to plan how you’re going to accomplish the first four steps of your migration. This Pre-Migration Service can take two to four weeks to complete:

  1. Develop a Needs Assessment. The first step is to understand your company’s requirements fully. Your Migration Expert evaluates how you’re using your current marketing automation platform.
  2. Create an Asset Inventory. Your Migration Expert works with your team to map out your workflows, landing pages, forms, content, files and email templates before recommending what to move and what to discard.
  3. Build a Project Plan. We create a project plan that allows you to complete the migration by a target transition date so you don’t see any gaps in your existing marketing activities.
  4. Deliver the Statement of Work. The final stage provides your team with a complete statement of work based on the first three steps. The Pre-Migration Service culminates with an accurate cost and timeline to fully execute your Migration.

Custom Migration Service

The actual migration of your data from your old marketing automation platform to Pardot may take anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks. Your Custom Migration Service includes:

  1. Recreate Your Environment. As your data seamlessly transfer from your old platform to Pardot, the Cheshire Impact team builds customized Pardot email templates and landing pages to take advantage of the new platform’s features — such as dynamic content, analytics, and mobile-responsive design.
  2. Test the Pardot System. This essential step involves testing the new Pardot platform before you abandon your current system. Nothing essential is left behind, ensuring that when you flip the switch to Pardot, everything is running smoothly.
  3. Optimize Pardot for You. Pardot works best when it’s optimized for your needs and workflow. Our team performs ongoing optimization to analyze your data, your forms, and your results to make recommendations for improvement.