We’re Digital Marketing Experts

With an unwavering focus on optimizing revenue, we work with B2B companies to improve their digital marketing efforts through Pardot and Salesforce implementation, training, support and execution. We have completed thousands of implementations of Salesforce and Pardot. After a long string of major customer successes, we’ve developed the knowledge, skills and tools to guide any size company to new heights.

We are a team made up of Marketing and Sales end users, which allows us to provide value unlike any other agency. Our knowledge in Marketing Automation and CRM systems is unmatched. We promise to provide dedicated support that improves your business. Let our next success story be yours!

Reaching Beyond Technical Implementation

We continue to offer innovative ideas and services that support our clients. We don’t stop at implementing systems, our bread and butter is the expertise and support we can provide companies after they’ve implemented Pardot and Salesforce. We become an extension of your team, filling in knowledge gaps and offering value at a lower cost than supporting a full or part time hire.

Cheshire Success Index for Marketing Automation

The CSI provides analysis of your marketing automation efforts and delivers a rating that corresponds to the CSI Maturity Model.

Revenue Optimization Process Design

Build a continuous marketing and sales process that grows your revenue. This process involves strategic planning, tactical execution and measurable reporting.

Ongoing Marketing Support Services

Our Support Services add expertise to your digital marketing team, boosting your throughput and efficiency with Pardot & Salesforce.

Services both Sales and Marketing Professionals Come to Rely On

Cheshire Impact combines up-to-date technical knowledge with progressive business insight. They’ve hired digital marketing gurus, marketing automation professionals and Salesforce experts to put their collective knowledge and skills to work for you. You get the benefit of their experience without having to hire full-time staff.

For digital marketing services you can count on, ask Cheshire Impact about:

Let us help you design and create beautiful, branded email templates, landing pages and web pages that convert. Our Client Consultants work closely with your team to get you the results you’re looking for. Not only do we bring design expertise to the table, our marketing experts understand how to build and optimize templates and forms that will get you the results you're looking for.

Capture and nurture contacts into qualified leads and closed won revenue. We offer three levels of Pardot implementations, from the Quick Start to an All-In program. We follow up implementations with a Managed Services program that helps you get your campaigns out the door and allows you to maintain a clean and effective marketing automation system.

Customize Salesforce Sales Cloud to your specific business needs. Our Salesforce services include implementation and project based work to ensure your CRM works for your business. Our Salesforce services are custom designed to solve your pain points, and we strategize with your team to meet your Sales & Marketing goals and objectives. Our goal is to help you maintain and improve end user productivity using Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Build a continuous marketing and sales process that grows your revenue. We provide a unique offering that helps you analyze, design, implement and optimize a process for evaluating and targeting your revenue sources so you can maximize your efforts.

Just a Few of our Amazing Clients

With more than 1,000 successful clients, Cheshire Impact is transforming the way businesses use Pardot and Salesforce to drive revenue growth with an optimized integrated solution.

Cheshire Impact Advantages

  1. Our team is comprised of Marketing and Sales end users
  2. We optimize from Lead to Revenue
  3. We came up with the only road map to achieve full utilization of Pardot, the CSI

A Salesforce Preferred Implementation Partner, our team helps you tackle any digital marketing problem you may encounter.

Our primary goal is to create the maximum marketing impact for your company and deliver measurable results that are sustainable and market-driven.

To schedule a consultation and start on the road to revenue growth, contact us today!