It’s an exciting day for the Cheshire Impact team as we begin our transformation from a marketing automation consulting group into a full-service lead-to-revenue consulting firm with the acquisition of Homeport Marketing. It’s a giant step in our renewed focus on helping organizations strategically address the continuous process of how a lead progresses into a won opportunity.

“While a strong marketing automation implementation is important, we observed that the real indicator for success was the client with a collaborative marketing & sales strategy. To deliver on our mission to identify and solve problems, we’re moving strategy from an add-on to the forefront,” said Casey Cheshire, our Founder and CAO.

“The acquisition brings a deeper level of experience and expertise in defining the lead-to-revenue strategy, architecting a process to support it and then creating an optimized flow that clears the path to conversion and accelerates revenue,” he added.

Pam Hege, Homeport Marketing’s managing partner, will join the Cheshire Impact team as VP of Lead to Revenue Solutions. In her new role, Hege will build the agency’s lead-to-revenue team, develop service offerings, and work directly with clients.

“This is an opportunity to leverage the reputation and reach of Cheshire Impact to amplify the importance of identifying and addressing the real roadblocks to sustainable revenue growth for B2B companies,” she said. “I’m looking forward to changing the conversation with our clients from ‘we need more leads, or more salespeople or more technology’, to a specific diagnosis and plan of action to repair what’s not working and deliver an optimized lead-to-revenue process.”

To formulate that diagnosis, we’re rolling out a lead-to-revenue assessment. The assessment identifies weaknesses and gaps in the lead management process where prospects disengage and disappear. From there our team of strategists and technologists will architect and build an optimized lead-to-revenue process that results in higher conversions and sustainable revenue growth for our clients.