Seth Godin said, “Content Marketing is the only marketing left.” More and more, companies are focusing their efforts on a solid content marketing strategy and delivering impactful insights.

Unfortunately, when it comes to content marketing, if you build it, customers WILL NOT come. There isn’t one magic bullet to make your content marketing work. Yea, bummer.

The truth is, the supply of content exceeds demand. By a lot. Therefore, simply setting up a blog and publishing some helpful content will not drive to you a flock of customers.

Don’t worry, there are still strategies you can follow that will get content marketing working in your favor.


Make The Content About The Consumer

Writing solely about your products, services and company isn’t doing you much good. Effective content gives consumers what they want. A consumer likely won’t want to know much about your brand until they are in the end stages of a purchase decision. In order to draw in consumers, create content about the topics your target market cares about.


Think Beyond The Blog

Creating good blog content is great. But it’s important to also stretch beyond this content format.  Why? Well, if you’re creating winning content and only distributing it in one fashion, you’re missing out on more ways to attract consumers to your important insights. Experimenting with different content formats will help you determine which formats resonate with your audiences. Think about the following:

Guest blog posts, Linkedin posts, Quora, Infographics, Facebook groups, Discussion board posts, Ebooks, Podcasts, Case studies, Webinars, Whitepapers, Soundcloud, SMS messages, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Live stream.


Change Up The Messenger

Invite employees to collaborate on content. You can obtain expert level thoughts on a variety of topics by bringing in subject matter experts that work throughout your organization. These employees should contribute to the content, just make sure a content pro is fully writing and optimizing the work. Otherwise you risk having sloppy and over promotional content.

You can also try inviting customers and your biggest brand advocates to create content for you. User generated content tends to be more influential and more trustworthy.


Even though there’s no one trick pony to content marketing, there are still methods and strategies you can follow that work. Be sure to work with your team to develop a sound strategy and remember, your marketing automation system only works better when you feed it strong content.