Social Media helps B2B companies build relationships with current and potential customers. Here are some best practices when it comes to B2B Social Media Marketing:


Promote Your Content

Social Media is a great way to promote and amplify your content. You can potentially reach more eyes of your target audience as different users will want to consume content in different formats. Using social media to promote your content also increases visibility to third-party sites. Third-party content is often viewed as more trustworthy and influential.


Monitor Competitors

Keep an eye on your competition by keeping track of public information your competitors share with their followers. Your target audiences may overlap, so you can either learn something, or find an opportunity to fill a gap that your competitor left open.


Use Video

Video accounts for much of internet users’ online activity. B2B marketers have discovered that video works for them too. Social media platforms have developed improved video functions, so use them! Incorporate social video into your marketing strategy to generate more leads. If you’re not using social video yet, the easiest way to get started is to tell your brand’s story using video.


Leverage Social Media and Marketing Automation

When you combine Social Media with a marketing automation platform, you can strengthen your content strategy and better measure engagement. Once you’ve set up social posting connectors, you can begin to track your prospects’ social activity. This is super powerful because you can use information about what and how consumers are engaging with you in order to properly adjust your content, messaging and approach. Then when you add social media engagement to your scoring model, you are upping your lead qualification game. Boom.


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