Where would the world be without acronyms?  A lot simpler, though text books might be three times as long!  SEO, SMO and SEM are three very popular topics in the world of Marketing.  They’re also often confused with each other.  Let’s review them each:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. When you Google search something, you see ads and results.  The results are what is called “organic search results” and it’s Google’s attempt at showing you what it thinks are the most relevant sites for what you’re looking for.  In the old days, you could game (ie: cheat) this. Nowadays, don’t even think about it.  This is where the practice of optimizing your website for search engines comes in!

SMO – Social Media Optimization.  Similar to SEO, this involves ensuring that if someone is looking for your brand on Facebook or Twitter, that they find you.  Both of those social sites have search built in.  SMO also gets into the larger issue of SEO as your interactions in Social Media actually help your ranking in organic search results.  This is one reason that companies can no longer ignore the social scene.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing.  Remember how SEO worked at optimizing the organic search results.  SEM works at getting traffic/leads/sales from search engines through advertising.  Google, Bing and other search engines make the bulk of their money through paid ads that decorate around the top and sides of their search results.  Done right, SEM is the most powerful tool a business or company of any size can use on the web.  The magic is that you only pay for clicks and that you can optimize this to be so efficient that you essentially only pay for customers.

Whether it’s SEO, SMO or SEM, Cheshire Impact has years of experience delivering actual results through the web.  We’d be happy to take a look at your site and let you know what we think.