Congratulations on completing a Pardot Implementation! This means you have Pardot tracking code on your website, you’re connected to a CRM and have begun nurturing prospects and turning them into Marketing Qualified Leads.


Are you still finding yourself scratching your head, wondering what to do next?


We felt that way too. There’s so much you can do with Pardot, and while you may have Pardot up and running and talking with your CRM and other marketing software, we know that organizations must still work hard to ensure that the cost of using Pardot is justified and that you can prove ROI with your new system.


Here’s what we think you should be working on after your Implementation of Pardot:


Marketing Content

You probably have some content in your Pardot account already. Now’s the time to focus on getting everything else in Pardot, don’t leave anything behind! It will be helpful to have a few branded email and landing page templates. Then you can copy those and quickly drop in content when you’re ready for your next campaign. Also be sure you upload case studies, whitepapers, images, etc.


If you don’t have a lot of content, that’s okay, but now is the time to create it.


Work with Sales

Make sure you are working with your sales teams to determine how you will qualify leads. We also recommend sales teams use Engage. When Marketing and Sales communicate and work together, the entire company wins.


Nurture and Automate

Don’t wait too long to allow Pardot to do what it does best: Nurture prospects automatically. Use Engagement Studio to set up drip programs. This may seem overwhelming, so we suggest starting with one, simple drip. Don’t worry too much about all the drips you should be doing and the strategy behind it. Get one going to start, then sit down with your team and map out a comprehensive nurture strategy.


You can also use Pardot automation rules to add prospects to Salesforce campaigns, send marketing content based on a prospect’s last activity, and even automatically send a customer a birthday greeting.


If you find you need help planning out what to do next or building in Pardot or Salesforce, let us know. Email us at