If you have a website, it should have Google Analytics installed on it. Period.  And it’s free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local retail shop, a financial advisor or a zoo for llamas.

What is Google Analytics?  It’s free website stats.  Everything from how many people are visiting to where they came from and what they did when they got there.  If you sell things, it can track that too. If you’re looking for leads, it’s great for seeing where your best leads come from.

The bottom line is that simply having a website is no longer enough to be competitive in this decade.  You need to constantly improve the site and it’s ability to do what you want it to.  In order to optimize,  you need a baseline for how it’s currently doing and this is where Google Analytics comes into play.

Here’s a quick list of awesome questions that can find answers in Google Analytics:

  • What marketing program is driving the most qualified traffic to my site?
  • Is my paid banner on the Chamber of Commerce site actually giving me leads?
  • Has my Search Engine Optimization gotten better or worse over the years?
  • How effective is my lead generation form?
  • Are there any steps in my shopping cart that are difficult for customers?

There are many more business mysteries that solid web stats will reveal answers to.  Cheshire Impact routinely consults with small to large businesses about their web analytics.