We’ve all seem them.  The first thing you see is a pretty image and the text “Loading…”

And loading it will be. Just how long it takes to load is anyone’s guess.  Some entertain with dancing bears while others have animated status bars that fill in.  We stick around (or use to) because of the promise that a really interactive website was on it’s way to our computer.

They are cool too. That’s hard to argue with. The problem is that complete Flash websites are hurting you behind the scenes.

Flash hates SEO. And visa versa. What this means is that your website looks like a blank slate to Google and other search engines.  A few years ago you might not even show up at all (REALLY.).  Nowadays, Google likes to boast it can read images and even some Flash, but it’s still really bad at it.

So your “boring” competitor is getting all of the search traffic.  They also paid a lot less for their website than you did.  Cheshire Impact is here for you if you’d like to ditch that glitzy flash zombie.  We have the ability to create you an awesome site that has Flash animation (if you just can’t give it up) but is not made completely out of it.