Do you ever need to make a quick change to a live Pardot landing page only to find yourself scrambling to find the exact landing page in Pardot that needs editing?

While standardized naming conventions and a sensible folder structure are two great ways to help maintain user sanity and keep your Pardot account more organized, even the most organized and meticulous Pardot users will appreciate this time saving #PardotPro hack.

Check it out:



Ready to put this #PardotPro hack into action? Follow the instructions below to create and add a snippet of custom javascript as a Google Chrome bookmark and you’ll be all set!

Once you’ve saved your new bookmark, simply click your bookmark link from any live Pardot landing page to see the Pardot URL of your landing page displayed in the upper righthand corner of your page.*

  1. From your Google Chrome menu, select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
  2. From the Bookmark Manager page, click “Organize” and select “Add Page” from the drop down
  3. You should see two input fields, “Name” and “URL”
  4. In the “Name” input field type something memorable like “Find Pardot LP” to serve as the title of your new bookmark
  5. In the “URL” input field copy the provided javascript in its entirety and hit enter to save your new bookmark



Do you have any #PardotPro hacks you’d like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!



*For this #PardotPro hack to work, your Pardot landing page must include an embedded Pardot form