When a prospect visits an email preference center page (EPC) they are given a “choose your own adventure” for communications with your organization. From here, they can limit, stop, or (ideally) expand their selection of communications from a company.

EPCs are a great, and often underestimated, tool for marketers to foster engagement among a current contact base – encouraging stronger relationships with customers and enabling better lead nurturing among new prospects when EPCs set up to encourage relationship building.

Creating a Segmentation Plan

When it comes to setting up an EPC the possibilities are truly endless. Organizations can create as many lists of any type that they wish to have prospects see in their EPC. When getting started, this freedom for setting up EPCs they can often be intimidating.

Before diving in it’s best to create a plan devising how you would like to segment communications with your contacts. This will determine what types of emails you will be sending to your contact base on a regular basis.

Communicating Value in EPC Lists

To have an EPC which encourages prospects and customers to remain opted in to your communications, each type of communication listed should clearly communicate value to a prospect and indicate why they will benefit from staying subscribed to that list.

EPC Set Up Examples

Check out some of the ways we recommend segmenting your email communications and communicating their value to prospects.

Segmenting by activity

This is a straightforward way to segment your communications, when dividing lists by the types of activities discussed in the emails to be sent out.

EPC Example - Segmenting by Activity

Segmenting by sender

Segmenting by sender allows prospects to select which departments they would like to hear from can be another effective way to segment corporate communications.

EPC Example - Segmenting by sender

Segmenting by subject matter

At Cheshire Impact, we like to divide our email updates to our customers by our three blogs: Marketing Automation Leadership, Pardot Blogger Girl, and The Marketing Blog.

EPC Example - Segmenting by Subject Matter

Multiple EPCs

Another valuable EPC tip (and awesome feature in Pardot) is that multiple email preference centers can be extremely helpful for organizations targeting very different groups of prospects. This allows you to keep these communications separate, for simple and straightforward EPCs.

Generic Promotions List vs. Opting Out

Another helpful tip is to include a generic promotions list and ensure all prospects are added to it, so they can choose to opt out of all generic promotions rather than unsubscribing themselves entirely from electronic communications with your organization.


Whether using one of the set ups above, a combination of the three, or something completely different, keep in mind that EPCs allow prospects to indicate to you what they’re interesting in hearing about from you. Monitoring and comparing EPC list membership can help you to determine which topics your prospects enjoying about from you, allowing you to build and develop relationships based on those strengths.