EMAIL-MARKETING-STILL-ROCKSEmail is, and will remain, one of the most effective marketing channels available to the digital marketer. It enables the delivery of both broad communications and intimate one-to-one messages. It is a great vehicle for messages and is limited only by the sender’s creativity. It provides a variety of valuable data that can then be used to drive business decisions across an entire organization and efficiently guide leads through the sales funnel.

When done correctly, recipients value email. It provides them with relevant information and content that they can consume on their terms and at their own pace, wherever they are. The below points indicate why email marketing is still a powerful tool that packs a strong punch for any digital marketer.

Email works harder than any other digital tool
According to research institute, Marketing Sherpa, companies are sending over 100,000 emails per month and see a 94% return on investment. Also in support of the viability of email, a 2014 report presented by Gigaom indicates that 86% of US digital marketers used email marketing regularly, more so than any other marketing tactic; and 56% say it is their most effective program. The report boldly named email “the digital marketing workhorse” for customer acquisition, meaning it was the foundation – and often considered the single most effective tactic – for reaching all goals, including awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention. When it came to successful customer retention, email dominated other digital programs, leading second-place social network marketing by nearly 20 percentage points.

Email still outperforms social media
Even in the face of the social media tsunami, email marketing is unwavering. Industry analysts from Econsultancy published a 2014 report on search marketing that validates what digital marketers already instinctively know. Email ROI was rated “excellent” or “good” by two-thirds of their respondents, while only 32% felt similarly about social media marketing results.

Other similar industry surveys report that people actually like email, as long as it is targeted based on previous shopping and preferences. This is particularly true of digital shoppers with 81% saying they were at least somewhat likely to make additional purchases, either online or in a store, as a result of receiving a targeted email offer, according to a report from Circle Research, a B2B market research company. B2B marketers must also note the power of email to yield new leads. A significant number of businesses say email is one of their most effective lead generation channels – and for B2B, that figure is nearly 90%!

Marketing automation tools help build email success
Today’s marketing automation tools help marketers design, personalize, optimize, and test email campaigns to get the most value from their email initiatives. Marketers can leverage tools like A/B testing to see which subject lines, calls to action, images, etc. perform the best for their audience(s). These learnings can also be applied to other marketing campaigns. For example, if a marketer notices that a certain call to action in an email gets better results than another, they can use the same wording across landing pages or ad campaigns.

All in all, email is a versatile marketing champion. Organizations that take the time to use it correctly will reap the greatest rewards.