Calling all Dreamforce goers! The hour is swiftly approaching that we all meet in San Francisco for an extravaganza of marketing and business fabulosity. We will learn, we will laugh, some of us might cry (if you’re wearing really uncomfortable shoes) and we will ALL celebrate. It’s going to be awesome, and we should all do everything we can to make the most of it.

We want to expand on some tried and true conference-going tips from experienced conference goers, to help you stay comfortable, learn and most importantly, have fun.

Come Prepared

Create an action plan and strategy document before hand, and map out your goals. This way, you can get the most out of your experience.

This includes:

  • Developing and practicing elevator pitches
  • Setting up interviews for content creation efforts
  • Registering for sessions
  • Mapping out the campus

Coordinate with your Posse

If you’re attending the conference with your crew, you’ve got to find a way to stay aligned. We recommend mirroring your agenda on your google calendar (or any calendar you share with your team). This just makes it easier to coordinate rides, pow-wows, and it can even be helpful in keeping tabs on yourself.

Sort Business Cards in Real Time

Conferences are a business card collecting mill – and by the end of it all, you’re basically drowning in them.

A great tip here is to sort your business cards into categories the minute you get them. IE: “invite to do guest post” or “introduce to John”. If you have a digital way to store contacts at conferences, use tags within the entry to distinguish those that are actionable from the others.

Some great business card collecting apps are:

Plan Private Gatherings

Chat and network with those around you when waiting for sessions to begin. You may have similar reasons for attending and insights to share. You can even take this a step further, and plan a mini meet up during some downtime to explore your like-mindedness and create some great relationships.

Filter Out Each Session to One Key Takeaway

Think about how much information you’re going to be absorbing over the course of 3-4 days. It can be overwhelming to try processing all of it. A great practice is to whittle down each session you attend to one main point or takeaway you can easily digest. Quality of quantity, right?

Stay Alive

We mean your batteries, of course. Pick up a spare or external battery for your mobile devices if you think a long day might cause you to run out of juice.  If DF2014 is anything like DF 2013 there will be chargers on location for your iphone needs.

Keep Tabs on the Weather

If you’re traveling from out of state, make sure you check out the forecast to see what kind of gear you should bring. You don’t want to be the only one without a jacket when it’s in the low 50s. Brrr.

Friendly Footwear

We get it, shoes are fabulous. We love them, too; but wear comfortable ones. Seriously.


Safe travels to everyone hopping on a plane these next couple of days, and we can’t wait to see you at Dreamforce!

Check out Pardot Blogger Girl’s Guide to Dreamforce for Pardot users here. If you have any other questions about Dreamforce or just want to say hi, tweet us at @CheshireImpact.