CSI-MA GraphicCheshire Impact is proud to introduce the Cheshire Success Index for Marketing Automation. The CSI for Marketing Automation is a progressive maturity model that tells you how well you’re utilizing your Marketing Automation system. And it doesn’t stop there. Once you know where you stand, the CSI will tell you step by step how to move forward in order to achieve an optimized and fully utilized system.

Read on to learn more about the CSI and how it can help your business.

The Vision Behind the Cheshire Success Index
The challenge with technology, especially one as robust as Marketing Automation, is that following implementation, there are literally thousands of features and use cases you can build into it. Do you build landing pages, buyer personas, or tiered nurture email campaigns first? Working with over 1,600 companies over the last 4 years, we’ve answered these questions many times. It opened our eyes to the importance of creating a progressive maturity model for marketing automation that could not only show someone where they currently stand, but also show them each next step they should take in order to maximize their use of the system!

How CSI for Marketing Automation Helps Companies
More quality leads delivered quickly to sales at the right time. It’s the promise of marketing automation realized. Each step in the CSI either increases the number of leads captured or increases the speed of the sales cycle, and in many cases the results are both.

What Problems The CSI Solves For Businesses
The definition of strategy is to have a goal destination and a plan to get there. The Cheshire Success Index not only shows what the destination looks like but each step it will take to get there. Every business is going to be in a different spot in terms of how they are currently using their system. That means we can only advise companies on the best next steps to take once the CSI indicates where they stand.

Why This Is Important
When you make an investment in marketing automation technologies, you’re given the best tools and the best supplies. Even with the best gear from Home Depot, most people would feel challenged to “build a house” on demand. Even the pros have plans. The CSI is your plan for maximizing marketing automation.  The good news is that, unlike with a house, the improvements in each step in the CSI are incremental and you can use them immediately, seeing their benefit right away.

Why We Chose CSI For Marketing Automation First
Marketing Automation empowers marketers with a technical backbone to manage an entire funnel. This includes everything from capturing leads to nurturing, automating their delivery to sales, and finally to reporting on the whole process. When you are successful with marketing automation, you’re successful in marketing and at scale.

Marketing automation is also our passion at Cheshire Impact. We’re all marketers who have used it out in ‘the real world.’  We’ve seen the amazing results that occur when you do it right!

Are you interested in taking the CSI for Marketing Automation? We were hoping you would be! Shoot us an email at info@cheshireimpact.com with subject line “CSI” to get started. It will be the best decision you made today.