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Cheshire Impact Introduces the Marketing Automation Success Index

Cheshire Impact is proud to introduce the Cheshire Success Index for Marketing Automation. The CSI for Marketing Automation is a progressive maturity model that tells you how well you're utilizing your Marketing Automation system. And it doesn't stop there. Once you know where you stand, the CSI will tell you [...]

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4 Ways To Segment Your Prospects in Pardot

  Segmentation is crucial to delivering a targeted, highly relevant message. And that’s what we want these days - personalized, helpful, easily consumable messages. If they’re not relevant, we’re quicker to dismiss them. Being able to deliver messages that consumers want to receive helps to move them through the sales [...]

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I Completed a Pardot Implementation – Now What?

Congratulations on completing a Pardot Implementation! This means you have Pardot tracking code on your website, you’re connected to a CRM and have begun nurturing prospects and turning them into Marketing Qualified Leads. Are you still finding yourself scratching your head, wondering what to do next? We felt that way [...]

Using Salesforce Reports to Track ROI

Identifying which marketing campaigns influence a sales opportunity is extremely important. Once you have Pardot up and running and all your systems are talking to one another, you’re ready to report on some juicy ROI!   Let’s run through an example of tracking ROI from marketing campaigns, using a Tradeshow [...]

Social Media Best Practices

Social Media helps B2B companies build relationships with current and potential customers. Here are some best practices when it comes to B2B Social Media Marketing:   Promote Your Content Social Media is a great way to promote and amplify your content. You can potentially reach more eyes of your target [...]