So you have decided to implement Pardot. How do you get the most out of your new investment? Below are a few considerations we have compiled after completing almost 2,000 implementations for companies of all sizes.

Involve the Sales Team

Marketing automation is designed to help your business increase revenue by giving your team the tools to capture, track and nurture your prospects. If the decision to add marketing automation to your business did not include your sales team, then we highly recommend engaging them through the implementation process.

As you get Pardot to properly hand off leads to your CRM, sales should be giving input into what comprises a Sales Qualified Lead, and who they need to be speaking with in order to close deals. Pardot also allows the sales team to get insightful prospect reports, notifications and send trackable 1-1 emails.

Stay Engaged

The companies that are fully engaged in the implementation process get the most out of their platform in the long term.   

Even though Pardot is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, it takes time to fully learn the system and how it can work with your unique business processes. It’s important to keep in mind your overarching business and marketing goals during your implementation. The more clearly your goals are defined, the better your Implementation Partner can help you achieve them.

Involve the Leadership Team

While the onboarding experience is primarily for the people who will be using Pardot, from our experience, your leadership team should be involved as well, at a high level. Keep the leadership team in the loop on what’s possible with Pardot and what you’re using it for. Let your Implementation Partner know if you need specific reports created to pass up the chain.  

Be Patient and Don’t Rush

Some things just can’t be rushed. Of course you don’t want to waste your monthly Pardot spend. But we find rushing through an implementation and building out processes before the business is ready actually results in more wasted dollars. For Pardot to run effectively in the long term, time must be spent planning and building it out correctly. We advise to take a deep breath and try to be patient while your team learns and implements a brand new system.


Pardot is capable of handling your organization’s plans to grow. Before you start your implementation, be sure to outline the future state of your business, from Lead to Revenue. We can help your team get there with additional Revenue Optimization Consulting and Marketing Support Services. Learn more about Revenue Optimization