morelandingconversionLanding page conversions are an online gateway to a larger audience, more customers, more sales, and higher profits. Sometimes a minor change can go a long way in increasing the volume of people who convert from visitor to paid customer.

Here are 9 easy ways to help this happen:

1. Be Clear and Concise

Don’t overload your sales page and process with too much information, visual clutter, or industry jargon. Be simple and direct; people love when decision-making is straightforward.

2. Show Value

What will your customers receive by moving forward? The value of your offer should be crystal-clear.

3. Focus on the Headline

Approximately 6 out of 10 people read headlines versus body copy. The headline of your page is paramount to its success. You should be spending the majority of your time crafting a winning headline for each landing page. (Headlines can also be A/B tested… See below.)

4. Use Page Testing

Multi-variate testing, sometimes called A/B testing or split testing, refers to testing one page idea against one, or more than one, other. Once you’ve narrowed down your landing page ideas, A/B testing will route equal portions of your traffic to each ad and allow you to see which page creates the most conversions. You may have several A/B tests running at the same time. Aspects of the page such the different layouts, order buttons and navigation options as well as different offers can be tested.

5. Comparison Shop For Them

If a customer is unsure about the value of an offer, they will hold off until they can do some research and comparison shopping. The problem is most people never get around to doing so and then do not get back to your offer. You can eliminate this variable by showing how your offer stacks up with the competition right on the page so that they have no reason to hesitate.

6. Show You Are Professional and Trustworthy

Display evidence (logos, graphics) of your affiliations with impressive clients and trusted organizations on your sales page. Ensure that your page design looks professional and that there are no errors or typos.

7. Ripen Green Leads

Offer something for people at every stage of the sales funnel so that you can retain contact and gradually ripen green leads. Offer incentives for signing up to your email newsletter list so you can stay in contact and nurture each interested party.

8. Use Testimonials and Endorsements

A few key testimonials can also build credibility and trust. If possible, use verbiage from known and respected people and entities.

9. Add Motivation

The presence of a deadline can act as an incentive for visitors to take action. Whether prices are about to go up or supplies are running out, an element of motivation can help increase conversions.

Form and landing page conversions are the key to business marketing success online. Streamlining your online marketing and make it even more effective can be achieve by using a marketing automation tool, like Pardot.