Lead-to-revenue (L2R) management is a comprehensive marketing and sales process that utilizes lead nurturing, marketing automation and defined sales actions to drive revenue. L2R management allows you to track, capture, respond and manage leads as they travel the stages of your buying cycle.

Here are a few tips to ensure you are managing your L2R process for revenue growth:

1. Partner with sales to determine when a lead is ‘sales ready.’

To provide successful lead-to-revenue management, you need to understand what success looks like for your sales team. What are the factors and characteristics that increase the likelihood of a lead transitioning into an opportunity? Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are the decision maker titles within your industry?
  • What roles do they play?
  • What size company is the best fit?
  • What digital behaviors indicate buyer interest?
  • What pain points or needs indicate an opportunity?
  • What lead source is most valuable?

2. Score leads based on digital behavior and lead attributes

Use what you learned in identifying a ‘sales ready’ lead to score the leads accordingly. You can use the default scoring provided in Pardot, to begin with and then adjust as the sales team starts to have conversations with the leads.

3. Segment your leads and engage them with targeted content

All leads are not created equal. You need to identify segments of your targeted audience based upon title, role, need, etc. Map your content to each specific segment and determine the best format and time to communicate with them. The goal is to be relevant and timely in your engagement effort.

4. Track anonymous visitors to your website

Pardot offers a useful tracking feature that aggregates the data for the anonymous visitors to a website. This data can be used to track prospects who are researching your product or service, but aren’t ready to engage through a form submission. This is a great way to see what type of companies your digital efforts are attracting and can be especially helpful if you are considering Account-Based Marketing as a path to revenue.

5. Analyze the metrics

A key to successful L2R management is analyzing the metrics and optimizing against them. Start by creating a lead velocity report to see how potential buyers are moving through the funnel and converting to customers. Then, follow up with your sales department to gather feedback on the marketing qualified leads you are passing. Don’t forget to track email metrics across your promotional and nurturing campaigns to ensure you are sending the right message at the right time.

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