We all want to be better in the new year. Whether that means working to attain a healthier lifestyle, getting up earlier or being better about budgeting – but what about improving our marketing efforts?

You may be thinking, “How does this apply to New Year’s Resolutions?”, but in actuality, marketing resolutions are no different than the personal ones you just made.

Here are 5 marketing resolutions you should challenge yourself with this year:

Get Clean.

You purged and organized your closet, your personal files, even your sticker collection – but did you clean your CRM yet?

Did you know that after only one year, your lists will degrade by 25 – 30%? Studies show that bad data costs organizations 10 – 20% in revenue. Ouch.

Clean up your CRM and Pardot lists to increase your ROI, team efficiency, and even your email deliverability rate. Here is a resource on How to Keep your Email Lists Sparkling Clean.


You resolved to be more social and make more friends this year, but are you getting involved in your online industry communities?

These online communities are extremely valuable (and extremely FREE) to be a part of, and even end up parlaying themselves into actual meetups where you can meet and network with likeminded end users.

Join your Regional Pardot User Linkedin Groups, attend their meetups and become a Pardashian!


You bought a bunch of random books about random stuff so you can finally beat your friends at trivial pursuit this year, but are you keeping up with industry news?

Warren Buffett, estimates that he spends 80% of his working day reading and thinking. When asked how to get smarter he said “read 500 pages every day… knowledge builds up like compound interest.” Seem impossible? Buffett recommends spending an hour a day reading industry relevant information. Start now by subscribing to our Marketing Blog and Pardot Blogger Girl.

Be A Realist.

You finally sat down to asses your financial situation in order to make wiser budgeting decisions this year, but have you done the same in regards to the success of your company?

Delusions of success can cause optimists to overestimate the market and their abilities to execute. Taking an honest assessment about your capabilities and bandwith can help you make a clear decision on whether or not you outsource to professionals who can execute and provide strategic value. Sign up for a Free 20 Minute Pardot Assessment if you’re ready to face the truth.

Be Customer-Centric.

All you really want this year is to FINALLY get along with your headstrong father-in-law, and you’re doing this by learning all about his interests and going out of your way to be thoughtful about the time you spend together. The same should be done with your customers, aka the lifeblood of your business.

Placing customers at the core of your business committing to their success is a great way to retain, and even gain new customers. By conducting surveys in Pardot and Salesforce, you can gain valuable customer insights that will allow you to continuously improve your performance. Download this Free Guide To Creating Killer Customer Surveys.

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