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Scoring Categories: Three Keys to Scoring Categories in Pardot

Scoring categories enable you to see what products, services, or business units your prospects are interested in and engaged with. As well as keeping a overall prospect score, scoring categories provide an additional breakdown of scores that are given based on the assets your prospects are engaged with. These are [...]

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3 Things to Look for During your Next Routine Pardot Check-up

Whether you realize it or not, your Pardot account is begging for your attention! That’s because, like most technology these days, Pardot requires a certain amount of attention and routine maintenance to stay tidy and maintain user sanity. While a comprehensive Pardot audit can provide insight into whether functionality is [...]

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Even Experts Can Learn New Pardot Tricks

If you’re a Pardot user, then you’ve already figured out the basics: how to build forms and landing pages, how to deploy emails, and how to track activities. For the casual Pardot user, that may be enough. But if you’re a power user like we are, you are always asking, [...]

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UTM Parameters and Pardot

When building online marketing campaigns, more likely than not you will be distributing various pieces of marketing material in multiple places across the web. Some of those materials might be: Ads on a range of websites Social media posts A CTA about your product in your monthly newsletter An article on [...]

5 Tips for Your L2R Management

Lead-to-revenue (L2R) management is a comprehensive marketing and sales process that utilizes lead nurturing, marketing automation and defined sales actions to drive revenue. L2R management allows you to track, capture, respond and manage leads as they travel the stages of your buying cycle. Here are a few tips to ensure [...]

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