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The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today

We all know how important planning is for a successful marketing initiative, but all too often the fast tempo of business can distract us from doing it regularly. For some of us more creative marketers, even the thought of it can scare the MQLs right out of us! This may [...]

Salesforce Essentials 101: Achieving Multi-Touch Reporting

Now more than ever marketers have a plethora of data at their fingertips when it comes to their marketing and sales funnel. With the right tools, marketing and sales leadership can keep track of not only the initial touch point a lead had with their organization but also every subsequent [...]

By | February 8th, 2016|digital marketing, marketing automation|1 Comment

We’re Expanding to Deliver B2B Lead-to-Revenue Strategy

It’s an exciting day for the Cheshire Impact team as we begin our transformation from a marketing automation consulting group into a full-service lead-to-revenue consulting firm with the acquisition of Homeport Marketing. It’s a giant step in our renewed focus on helping organizations strategically address the continuous process of how [...]

By | January 25th, 2016|digital marketing, marketing automation|0 Comments

3 Reasons to Adopt a Grading Strategy in 2016

Do grades matter? If you’re a student, the answer is: Absolutely! But is the same true for marketers? No surprise, the answer is still yes! If you’re a marketer who has recently adopted grading, you'll quickly see how grades can make a big difference in your marketing activities. While many [...]

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How to Get Your Sales Team Excited about Marketing Automation

If you've recently decided to use adopt a marketing automation tool, chances are you and your team were eager to get started! Marketing automation tools, especially Pardot, have been known to make even the most reserved marketers geek out over all the cool features and capabilities now at their fingertips. [...]

By | December 21st, 2015|marketing automation|0 Comments