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The Truth About Content Marketing

Seth Godin said, “Content Marketing is the only marketing left.” More and more, companies are focusing their efforts on a solid content marketing strategy and delivering impactful insights. Unfortunately, when it comes to content marketing, if you build it, customers WILL NOT come. There isn’t one magic bullet to make [...]

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Things To Consider As You Begin Your Pardot Implementation

So you have decided to implement Pardot. How do you get the most out of your new investment? Below are a few considerations we have compiled after completing almost 2,000 implementations for companies of all sizes. Involve the Sales Team Marketing automation is designed to help your business increase revenue [...]

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Matchmaker, Make me a Match: Explaining Prospect Sync Options in Pardot

Raise your hand if you have the Pardot setting enabled to allow multiple prospects with the same email address. If your Pardot account was created on or after June 14, 2016, this feature was automatically enabled. If your account was created before June 14, 2016, you now have the ability [...]

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Treating the Symptoms of a Sick Lead-to-Revenue Process Will Not Make It Better

A few years ago I started coughing in the mornings when I woke up. I blamed it on allergies and made a stop at the neighborhood drug store to grab a bottle of allergy medicine promising relief if I took a spoonful each day. Within a few weeks, I was [...]

#PardotPro Hack: Find and Edit Live Landing Pages in Pardot with One Click

Do you ever need to make a quick change to a live Pardot landing page only to find yourself scrambling to find the exact landing page in Pardot that needs editing? While standardized naming conventions and a sensible folder structure are two great ways to help maintain user sanity and keep your [...]