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Preparing for Wave Analytics: Best Practices for First Touch Reporting

With the recent announcement of Wave Analytics for B2B Marketing app, Pardot users are eagerly awaiting a powerful reporting tool to allow them to dive deeper into their marketing automation data. The Wave Analytics app will provides a highly customizable and visual interface for marketers to examine various datasets to [...]

Pardot’s Social Posting Enhancements & 3 Easy-to-Implement Best Practices for Social

Every marketer knows that when it comes to posting content on social media, posts that include images generally get higher engagement rates. There's been a massive shift from "telling" (text-only posts) our audience how we can solve their needs, to showing them using quality imagery and graphics. According to research from [...]

Salesforce Engage Strategies to Empower Sales & Why They Shouldn’t Intimidate Marketing

If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts, attended any one of our live webinars, or follow Cheshire Impact on social media, you’re probably familiar with our stance on the age-old Marketing versus Sales debate. In case you aren’t familiar, here at Cheshire Impact we are firm believers in [...]

Using Pardot to Rock Your Next Trade Show

The days of collecting business cards at trade shows are over. Isn’t that a relief? Marketing automation has greatly moved the marketing industry forward, but with trade shows especially it’s a game changer. Even just a few years ago I remember standing in a booth asking visitors for business cards [...]

Redirection Can Be Magic for Marketers

As you know, the secret to a good magic trick is redirecting the audience’s attention away from whatever manipulation is necessary to make the trick work. The better the performer is with the redirection, the more impressed the audience is with the effects. Your marketing will benefit from a little [...]