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3.5 Tips for Building Your Prospect Profile


I love the show Criminal Minds. For those less familiar, Criminal Minds is a whodunit crime drama centered around the psychological makeup of the “unsub” (i.e. police speak for bad guy). Hotch and his team of crime-fighting superstars spend the entire episode analyzing clues and building a profile of the suspected murderer. Continue reading “3.5 Tips for Building Your Prospect Profile” »

Cheshire Impact helped us with SEM, SEO, Blogging, Social Marketing, local community engagement, and events. It was a pleasure to work with them. They delivered great results!
Software CEO
Casey Cheshire is a true Digital Marketing expert who has mastered the art leveraging online marketing techniques to help drive top-line revenues for the organization. Casey and his team bring to the job a level of passion about digital marketing that gets people excited. I’d recommend them for any organization that is seeking a Digital Marketing pro to help take their business to the next level.
Director of Software Sales
Cheshire Impact takes the time to listen to what you are trying to accomplish and offer good ideas for options. Then they work with you to put it together. Their follow-up has been an unexpected bonus as well.
President of a B2B Company